Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns

Un risparmio energetico che va dal 50% al 90%,  dura più a lungo, non inquina, ha una resa cromatica eccellente e un’alta efficienza luminosa, il LED diventa protagonista. Se il risultato poi è così suggestivo…

Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns

 | March 30th, 2012
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Head in the clouds? Why not put some of that dreamy, creative energy to good use this weekend by embarking on a simple LEDIY project with a highly ethereal effect: hanging LED cloud lanterns! Thanks to LED lights’ cool temperatures, it’s safe to surround them in paper lanterns and cotton batting, which you’ll need to create a misty look. Here’s how to do it:

Gather the following items

  • Cotton Batting
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Battery Powered LED lights
  • Hot Glue Gun


1. Pull at the cotton batting until it looks fluffy, light, and cloud-like.

2. Hot glue the batting to the outside of the paper lantern in various places, making sure it’s fluffed to your liking.

3. Place your LED lights inside each lantern.

4. If you’re using small, battery powered LED lights, you can affix them to the internal structure of the lantern and hang it wherever you like.

5. As another option, you could make a chain of several clouds, connecting them with Elemental LED’s RGB 4-In-One LED Puck Light Kit, which would enable you to create color-changing-LED lit clouds remotely controlled with an RGB controller! (This option requires a nearby electrical outlet, however.)

Ready to stop daydreaming and get to work? Send us your attempts, and remember, every cloud has a silver (or in this case, LED-lit) lining.

Thanks to Alexis Mire for the image and idea.

via http://www.elementalled.com/academy/blog/diy/weekend-lediy-project-led-cloud-lanterns/


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